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Published on March 4, 2005 By Psikotik In OS Customization
I love using Bootskin, it's definitely an improvement over the lame Windows boot. When it came out they were talking about it advancing to being able to have 64-bit color (I believe), but it hasn't been updated in almost a year.. Anyone know if it's still being work on or is it dead as far as development, cause I know the guys at Stardock are busy............ I hope it's not dead.
on Mar 04, 2005
I could be wrong, but I actually think development of bootskin has stopped due to the fact that there are just too many different BIOS versions out there and that it is therefore just impossible to create a program that will work on all WinXP computers.

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on Mar 04, 2005
can anyone teach me or give me a link to a tutorial on how to create .bootskin files that are compatible with bootskin!!

also is it possible to boot using 64-bit colours???
on Mar 04, 2005
Here is how to make a bootskin:


And no, bootskins are limited to 16 colors, 4 bit.
on Mar 05, 2005
I think there are 2 version out from Stardock because of the BIOS problem.

Also, if I am not mistaken, they might be waiting for Longhorn.
on Mar 05, 2005
I thought I heard that it had been stopped because the person who created it is no longer with Stardock. I could be mistaken though.
on Mar 05, 2005

You are mistaken You are thinking of LogonStudio where the developer disappeared without a trace...

Bootskin is going strong and will continue to do so

on Mar 06, 2005
Great to hear that Fuzzy - Looking forward to it. Just a thought, the current version could be free and the version with 64-bit color could be part of OD..... sort of like the shareware for other programs. Might drum up some more subscribers......
on Mar 06, 2005
We have a Bootskin here that does have high resolution boot screen support and 32bit color support (no such thing at "64 bit" color).  But the problem is that it doesn't work on all configurations -- about 75%.  And even if we released it with a big "this may not work on your system" sticker on it we would still get flamed and support calls.