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and most icons won't appear in system tray
Published on April 21, 2005 By Psikotik In Personal Computing
When I start my computer, the taskbar takes forever to load. Sometimes it is the last thing on the screen to appear(after widgets and OD). And then once I do get a taskbar, the system tray is way off. Generally the only icons that show in the tray are Windowblinds and my internet connection. I've done a reinstall of Windows, and I'm using SP2. It shouldn't be a virus, I install the Anti-virus before I set up my Internet connection. I don't think a program caused it because it happened right after installing Cursor XP. It was fine and then just started having these problems. I haven't used the Windows repair console because I have an OEM copy with no manual, so I don't know the commands. Any ideas?
on Apr 21, 2005
Do you use a cleaner? like CCleaner or other. I use Ace Utilities (trial the buy) and CCleaner (free) - when I first started using them and cleared the prefetch, everything loaded faster.

Now I clean everything when I get ready to log off.
on Apr 22, 2005
If you disable the "Load at start-up" (or similar terminology) for the widgets and OD, does the taskbar load normally?

Also, if you have SDC and do not use any systray docklets or docks - you might try starting SDC and going to "Tools > Settings" and deselecting "Enable MCP notification area support" and "Enable MCP SmartStart", then click "OK".

If things start acting strange, you will want to re-enable MCP (which helps Stardock programs start faster).

Note - Stardock MCP is required for the Systray docks in ODock.
on May 01, 2005
No, it loads the same whether I use widgets or not. When the problem started, the only Stardock products on the system were SD Central and Cursor XP.

I just downloaded CCleaner to try it. I'll have to wait on the other program - just bought a car and I'm broke, but I do have TuneUp 2004 to clean the registry.
on May 01, 2005
I installed CCleaner and made the changes to the SDCentral options. Don't know which one did it, but it took care of the problem. Thanks to both of you.